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The Secret of Karma

Shows how everyone can live the life they desire the most, no matter where in life they are at this moment. Even the story of how the movie came together shows the incredible power that people hold within themselves. A true story about a man who twice survived clinical death, and then lost everything after he fully dedicated his life to the desire to film his story. Philanthropist Milan Friedrich who was at that time assembling a flying saucer gave him shelter for three years, and decided to fulfill his dream of making a feature film.
It began as a project with a budget of $200,000, but soon began to grow. Milan Friedrich decided to hire the best Hollywood cast, shot a few air-to-air battles, and supported the entire movie with sophisticated visual effects making the budget gradually grow to astronomical $8 million. A person who had lost everything in life casted himself and members of his family, and created costumes and make-up exactly according to his vivid memories from his second clinical death. During filming Milan Friedrich met former UN agents, and after their cooperation Milan became part of a galactic program which allowed him to present the concept of karma in the film from the perspective of other civilizations.


The protagonist Frank is convinced that karma from his past lives is the cause for all of his difficult times. Frank is set on a journey through his past, present, future, and because he strongly believes in his past bad karma his beliefs prepare the same unfortunate fate over and over again.
Frank’s love of his life (Dawn Olivieri) does not seem to end up by his side in any of his many lives dooming him to be alone forever. In the future; however, he begins to learn from the enlightened leader of the most advanced civilization in the galaxy called Animus (Brendan Fraser), and discovers that his reality can be shaped by his thoughts. He feels that he finally has a chance to break the curse of bad karma. At the end of his journey God (Marcia Cross) shows him the truth that will change his life forever. It wasn’t karma all along, but ….
With this realization Frank changes the course not only of his lives, but of all mankind giving everyone the opportunity to build their own paradise on earth.

The Secret of Karma – New age movie 2020 available now. Imagine a world where you get exactly what you want, a world with no boundaries and fulfilled dreams and wishes. Isn’t that what people want? Someone could live unhappy life because of his belief that his karma is holding him back, because of the mistakes he made in his life, and simply cannot move forward. But what is karma? And does karma really exists? This question is controversial, and we decided to contribute to this topic by the new 2020 The Secret of Karma movie. The movie expands the idea of karma to a whole new level, to a level where we create our own reality, and showing that everything you believe in is going to happen. Happy life could furthermore come from positive thinking, gratitude, giving out, loving your life and practicing meditation.