My ventures

Alpha Hollywood Studios
A production company focused on financing, production and distribution of Milan Friedrich´s films. As one of a few companies from this branch, it is based on the lot of Universal Studios in Hollywood. Apart from Milan Friedrich´s own films, it makes genre films and TV series for the biggest player in the business.

American Way Group
American Way was the first really successful company that Milan built up in the USA. A big fashion brand focused on designing its own collections of designer fashion, including its production and sale in its own retail network and wholesale distribution. Success of this company has been the foundation for all other Milan´s activites.

Science and Technology Park
The mission of this company is development of technologies for sustainable development of mankind. The key is in the support of human creativity and research, because it is the only way to find the answer to current challenges. The company has built the biggest solar and free energy testing facility in Europe. Results of testing are given to private and public sectors free of charge, to achieve the widest possible use and create a real impact on the future.

My charity projects

Milan´s first participation in charity started in NYC with a charity dinner hosting Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The goal was to make high tech medical care accessible for children in need.
Milan followed that up by helping to organize a parade in NYC called The Day at the Movies.
Milan is also involved in several charity projects in Africa based on his philosophy that by controlling our thoughts we control our future life.
In the Czech Republic, Milan works in tandem with the Archa Chantall Foundation on their projects of creating happy environment for children in hospitals.

My passions

Ferrari Racing
Ferrari is about emotions and emotions control our lives and our love. It is the beauty, the smell and the sound; it is about all of our senses. These are exactly the reasons why Milan loves driving the cars from Maranello. He has passed elite factory courses of Corso Pilota Sport and Corso Pilota Avanzato, aimed to gain the highest level of knowledge about the cars and their piloting, in order to enjoy them to the fullest.

Apart from producing films, Milan is devoted to screenwriting which he enjoys to write his movies, and to realize his many stories and ideas to release his inner pressure and bring them to life. One thing is clear. Milan writes a lot and in an interesting way, which means there is a lot for us to look for in years to come.