About Milan

Self-made Man

The life of Milan Friedrich would make a blockbuster itself.

He was born in Czechoslovakia and as a young adult he realized that the little country is not enough for his dreams and visions.

First years abroad weren’t easy, however brought Milan a lot of experience. He took a chance and started making his dreams come true. As a successful film producer and producer on Broadway musicals Milan begun to build his entertainment empire.

He also built a large global telecommunication corporation and transferred the manufacturing to China. Later on, Milan created American Way Group corporation with manufacturing facilities in China and global distribution in fashion accessories. The company employed more than 10 000 people.
In recent years Milan built the largest testing facility for solar and green energy in Europe, which was made hand in hand with Chinese state corporation CEEG as well as ET Solar.
Milan received a large credit line from China Export Bank to support his projects.


Like all visionaries, Milan Friedrich climbs to the highest peak to see what lays beyond; never stopping, always looking for new possibilities, always trying to understand how the world works. It was on one of these journeys that his life took a distinct turn: Interest in the metaphysical. Milan entered the Templar underground in Rome, studied in Masonic lodges in the USA, studied theology in the Vatican and traveled to Asia to meet Buddhist and Hindu teachers. He started to experiment with ancient and lesser known philosophies with the aim to understand how to better manage your own fate and how to reach the goals that appear impossible and adapt them to the real world. After years of lecturing, Milan realized the next journey his life should take – dedicating himself to the medium of film – the ideal media for the sharing and the exploring of facts that he has uncovered, and making them accessible for the greater public.


As a producer, Milan established Alpha Hollywood Studio (a production and distribution company) and in 2016 filmed his first movie THE MYTH OF KARMA a film that tells the story of a man who has twice survived clinical death.
This film is meant to be the first of a series of films aiming at finding answers to the questions that Milan is looking to answer himself; Is there life after life? Is reincarnation possible? Are we influenced by karma? How can people change themselves and their lives?
Milan is an idealist, but at the same time, he believes that new technologies will enable him to capture these topics in a visually attractive way, and thus reach a wide audience and bring commercial success.
Deep into development on his film projects, Milan has already begun prep on his next film in the series with many other films to follow. It is an adventure full of discoveries, that will soon be experienced by viewers in the cinemas all around the world.
In 2016 Mr. Friedrich, ever expanding his Entertainment Empire, jumped into producing Green Acres The Musical on Broadway with Phillip Goldfine and Pamela Laudenslage and Coleen Lorber, two time Tony and Drama Desk winning producers for La Cage aux Folles and the Norman Conquests, which she did with Oscar Winner Kevin Spacey.